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Everynow and then we tend to have those days where we might feel really low about ourselves.

We may start to question or limit our capabilities or compare ourselves to other people.

This type of thinking starts to make us feel worthless or insignificant.

The sad thing is that some people even feel like this all the time and are scared to get up and do something because they are don't think their good enough, feel theres no point or are worried about their past.


But God sees much more in us and has so much faith in us. He made us 'fearfully and wonderfully' (Psalm 139:14)

He loves and delights in us (Zeph 3:17) and in His sight, we are precious and honoured.

He doesn't compare us to each other and doesn't have favourites (Acts 10:35)

He loves us all the same and wants to strengthen us and use us for His good work.

God doesn't need us to be super talented, he doesn't ask about our credentials or whats on our CV's.

He takes us just as we are. with all our imperfections and faults. He's seen us at our worse and doesn't love us any less or lose hope in us.


God wants us to recognise and accept that we are special and can do great things with Him.

He has given us so much gifts, power and authority, more than we even realise. So why do we easily lose hope in ourselves?

Matthew 5:14 says we are the light of the world. So why are we hiding and blocking our own light?

You won't hide a light under a bowl, but should instead put it on a stand so that everyone can see the light. (Matthew 5:15)


The enemy knows all that we are, how bright our light is and the gifts God has given us, but wants us believe that we are nothing so that we hide away. He doesn't wants us to reach our full potential and the plans and purpose that God has set for us.

The enemy knows we have something good and doesn't wants us or anyone else to see it.

So he keeps trying to put our light out. He does this by lying to us and making us doubt ourselves and wallow self-loathe.

The enemy also wins when we hold on to worries, fear of failure, unforgiveness or past mistakes, it forms clouds and shadows which covers the light in us.


Christ removed all darkness, set us free and renewed us to be shining bright sparks.

We shouldn't let the enemy win and allow anything to block our light because our light is also a reflection of God's glory in us.

When we block it, we also block others from seeing Christ in us.

We need to know our worth and start seeing ourselves the way God sees us - Special and precious individuals who were fearfully and wonderfully made.

When we let go of fear, grudges, our past and hand them over to God, we can start to believe everything that we are and all that we can do with God on our side.

Stop hiding away, turn your light back on and shine like the bright sparks God made us to be!


Esther ♥


We are the light of the world - Bright sparks!