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Every so often we can be our own worst critic. We can be so hard on ourselves and put ourselves down.

We may compare ourselves to others, or think that someone is smarter than us, more talented or more successful.

But God doesn't look at us in this way. He made us unique and gave us creative, individual purposes. God predestined us to be great and wants to use us for His good purpose and will.

Before we were born, God ordained us as worthy candidates to be a blessing and do great things with His power and grace (Jeremiah 1:5).


There may be times when we feel low or unworthy and wonder why God would want to use us.

Some people may think of their lives, their past, the choices or mistakes they may have made. But God overlooks our flaws and sees perfection, His beautiful, 'fearful and wonderful creation' (Psalm 139:14).

He would never trade us for anything or try to change us.

So no matter how low we may think of ourselves, God doesn't see us that way. Instead He takes us as we are, created a purpose for us and encourages us to fulfil it with Him.


We are individually special and have been given unique individual gifts by God.

God doesn't compare us to others or judge us by our abilities or achievements. Nor does He have any favourites (Acts 10:34-35).

God didn't come for the established or ready-made products, because there is no human on earth who is perfect.

Only Christ had that, and when He gave us salvation, He also gave us his power and strength to do great things.

We did not come qualified, we are God's work-in-progress. God calls us and works with us so that we can grow with Him, understand Him and complete His work with His might, and not ours alone.


When God called Moses, he was so surprised and was also scared because he thought that he was just an ordinary man. Moses thought that there were many people who had better skills than him or who he thought were more qualified for the job. But God had His reasons for choosing Moses and said to him, 'I will be with you' (Exodus 3:12). Moses didn't come ready-equipped, God called Moses, worked with him and stayed with him throughout his journey.

With God, Moses gained courage, confidence and boldness in the Lord to be a great prophet and lead the Israelites to freedom.


Theres a great quote which says, 'God does not call the qualified, but qualifies the called.'

Imagine a qualified chef going to a beginners cooking school. What could you teach them that they don't already know?

God created us with the potential to be great. If we were born with these innate qualities, then there will be nothing for us to learn in life.

God is always with us and enjoys shaping and moulding us into the powerful beings He ordained us to be. Along our journey, we learn about God's miraculous and amazing ways, the grace and salvation He freely gave to us, and how we can use it for His Glory.


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God predestined us to be great -

We are God's work-in-progress

special to god