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How can you define and test trust? Trust is putting your all, your everything into someone.

Its like closing your eyes and allowing yourself to fall back and trusting that the person will stand behind you and catch you and support all your body weight so that you don't hit the ground.

It's hard to put so much trust in someone because they can occasionally let us down. But God has our back and is always ready to catch us when we fall. He is always ready to help, support us and 'take hold of our right hand' when we're scared or worried (Isaiah 41:13)

God wants us to give him our everything and put all our trust in Him. Not just when we are vulnerable, but all the time. God is our solid rock who we can always lean on. If we lean and rely on ourselves, our spirit and strength can be easily crushed and cause us to fall back. When we put all our trust and hope in God, He will be our safeguard and will always be at hand to catch us and support us back up before we hit the bottom.


Proverbs 3:5 sums this up. Trusting in God with all our heart and not leaning on our own understanding. We need to commit our ways and everything we have to God and trust in Him. (Psalms 37:5). Its impossible to trust without letting go. True trust requires full surrender. Letting go and letting God take control.

It's trusting in God when we don't understand, even when things don't seem to make sense to us at the time. True trust is knowing that regardless of how little we understand, we TRUST and BELIEVE that God will make everything better in the end and will fulfill his promises in our lives.


Trust is the giant leap of faith God wants from us. But it also requires patience. Patience is key! Its the bridge that hold up our faith. When we get impatient and feel like giving up, our faith levels drop.

No matter how hard things are, no matter how much pain we may be in, no matter how many tears we may have cried, no matter how long things are taking, we should never give up because God is still working behind the scenes in our lives and our situations. It's not over, God is still taking us on our route,

No matter how tough or dark our route may be looking, God promises to lead us to the path of joy and restoration.


Have you ever followed a car Satnav or Tomtom? Sometimes you can choose to take the shortest route. But the satnav can't escape congestion, traffic or disruptive roadworks along the way. Or you may feel lost and have no idea where you are or how you got there. At times you may get frustrated, blame the satnav for every wrong turn and feel like throwing it out of the window. So you have a choice, to either turn it off and try to find your own way to your destination and look for shortcuts whenever you meet traffic, OR you can choose to trust that the satnav knows where its going and will take you to your destination in due time, so follow where it directs you and have the endurance and patience and wait in the traffic. When you finally reach your destination, you will feel like it was worth the wait, because along the way, we will have learned so much.

When we endure obstacles and long suffering, it produces perseverance and strengthens our character and hope. (Romans 5:4). This equips us with strength to handle anything that comes our way so that we can be ready to receive everything God has for us.


We need to trust and believe that God has our best interest at heart and he will fulfill his promise in our lives. Remember he promised to prosper us and give us a hope and a future (Jeremiah 29:11).

God is faithful, He said this himself and 'He does not take back his words' (Isaiah 31:2) nor will he change his mind (Numbers 23:19). He will complete and fulfill everything he promised!

If we feel like we have been idle for too long or stuck in the same boat or in a tough situation, God hasn't forgotten about us. He said he will never leave or forsake us (Hebrews 13:5). God knows things may not be easy thats why he encourages us to 'be strong, take heart and wait on Him' - Psalm 27:14


Trust, patience and faith all work together. We can't say we trust God but not have patience and faith to wait for his work, or have patience without having faith in God, or having faith without trusting in God... They all work together and God needs all 3 from us so that we can let go and put our hope in Him.

When we trust and hope in God, we will never be disappointed! (Romans 10:11)


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Trusting in God 100%