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We can often get disappointed by various life circumstances such as when we are expectant of things and get let down or when things don't go to plan. This often leaves people fearful of being hopeful. However, instead of putting our hope in humans or earthly things, a safe option is to put our hope in a reliable and unfailing God. Putting our lives and plans into God's dependable hands is not a risk because He cannot let us down, nor can He lie or change His mind (Numbers 23:19). If we choose to trust God, we must open up and make room for Him in our hearts to fill the void left by disappointments.

The key thing is to let go of what we think is best and allow God to take the lead into what He knows is best for us. This means acknowledging that we don't have it all together, but God is the one who can complete us.


Many people in the bible had their own plans but learned to let go and trust in what God had planned for them. Mary was a young girl who had planned to marry the love of her life and not have a child out of wedlock. However, she adhered to God's plan and gave birth to Christ who brought us salvation.

Moses planned to live a life of luxury as a royal, but instead followed God's plan to lead the Israelites out of slavery and into the Promised Land.

David was content with being a shepherd and did not plan on fighting a giant. However, He realised it was part of God's plan to take Him to greater levels and become King of Israel.


We may look at our current situations and have no idea what God is planning or where He is taking us. However, we can be certain that His plans are for good and never for bad (Jeremiah 29:11). He works everything for our good and for His glory.

If things in our lives don't go how we may have planned or expected it to go, leave room for God to fill the gaps. God's plans are much greater than our own. They are even beyond our imaginations and perceptions (2 Corinthians 2:9). God always opens a door when one is closed and has a yes to every no. We may not know when or how He does things but we can rest assured in His faithfulness and good intentions. He will never leave us empty, unsatisfied or unfulfilled.


Trusting in God with all our hearts and not leaning on our own understanding involves letting go of our own plans and surrendering it to God (Proverbs 3:5).

If you struggle to remain hopeful or don't understand God's ways, ask Him to give you the strength to keep holding on (Isaiah 40:29).

Remember that hope in God can never disappoint us (Romans 5:5). Therefore we can remain expectant and confidently rely on God as the reason for our hope (1 Peter 3:15).



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