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Psalm 145 is a great summary of God's power, splendour and mercies.

'The Lord is gracious and compassionate, slow to anger and rich in love... He is good to all and has compassion on all he has made.' (verse 8-9)

God is all these things and much more simply because of who He is. He is powerful, faithful, loving, patient and so much more.

Not every human being has these qualities. We have to learn to love someone, endure and tolerate alot to become patient, we have to work hard in order to gain power and respect from others. And when we do these things, it's not even on a level comparable to God and it doesn't last forever. We have to work on our relationships because we can easily fall out of love, we can easily lose our temper and lose respect from people.


God does not have to do anything, he already has these qualities, He did not need to learn it because they are innate and natural to Him.

He created life, established dominion and an everlasting kingdom at the click of his fingers. He does not need to work to keep it because it is everlasting and 'endures through all generations.' (verse 13)

God loves us all no matter what we do. His love for us will never end and he is always ready to help us up when we fall. He 'upholds all those who fall and lifts up all who are bowed down.' (verse 14). Regardless of our situation or where we are, God wants to lift us up and keep us up simply because of his unfailing love for us.


For all these things that God is, he is so worthy of our praise. Thats why Psalm 145 ends saying, 'Let every creature praise his holy name for ever and ever.' (verse 21).

It shouldn't be until God does something for us that we acknowledge and praise him because he has done so much already without us even asking.

God deserves all of our honour and praise! Before we come before God, enter his presence and ask for anything, we must first praise Him (Psalm 100:4). He is worthy of it all!

If we don't praise him, stones and rocks will cry out and praise Him (Luke 19:40). Why should dead rocks do our job? We can do a much better job!

Everyday we should take the time out to stop asking for things from God and just praise and exalt his name. We shouldn't just praise him when we want something, we should praise him all the time.

God just wants us to stop for a moment everynow and then and just acknowledge and praise him because He 'fulfills the desires of those who fear him.' (verse 19).


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Giving God all the praise!