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In life, we can do so much good for someone in order to be accepted or acknowledged, whether it's at work, school, university or for family and friends...

We can do everything we can to please someone, and they can honestly appreciate it but it can easily be forgotten by 1 simple mistake.

For example, you could have a 100% punctuality attendance at work, but maybe, the one time you were late due to unforeseen circumstances, your line manager held on to that lateness, judged you on it and forgot about your great attendance prior to that 1 lateness.


Or even in the recent economy crisis, when people were struggling to hold on to their jobs, they could have worked as hard as humanely possible, but if they slipped up once, then they were possibly in line to have their job cut. Even if they had done a great amount of work for their company, it was easily forgotten.

In todays society, we seem to be judged on what we do right now. We could do so much for someone or something but if we slip up, all our good work in the past is forgotten. The common phrase we may hear is... 'But what have you done for me lately...?'


But God never forgets all our work, Everything we do for him is acknowledged and rewarded.

All He asks is that we keep his commandments, love and obey him.

'If you love me, you will keep my commandments' (John 14:15)

And most important, God wants us to have unity by loving others like Christ loves us. (1  John 4:7)

Now when we do all of this, God acknowledges it, grants us favour and calls us his friend. (John 15:14)

When God calls us his friend, it;s an everlasting, never-ending, loving friendship. God also forms a partnership with us and makes us part of his plans.


God stays true to his word and so will never turn away from us because he loves us the same, regardless of what we do.

So even when we slip up from time to time, God is very fair, he doesn't stay mad at us because he remembers our faithfulness and good work we did before the slip up.

'God is not unjust; he will not forget your work and the love you have shown him.' (Hebrews 6:10)


When we make mistakes, God doesn't hold it against us.

He is so fair, because he knew us before we were even born, anointed us and set our future for us. (Jerimiah 1:5). He also knows our hearts and knows that it is righteous because when Christ died for us, He gave us all a righteous spirit.

So God knows that we love Him, He knows we want to keep doing good and don't mean to make mistakes, but do because of our human nature.

God is fair and reasonable, and knows that all of our good work outweighs our mistakes and wrongdoings. He even counts the good work we are yet to do, because He set a bright future for us and knows what we are capable of doing.

God wants us to reach our full potential and so gives us many chances, so when we slip up and come to Him, he overlooks it and remembers them no more. (Isaiah 43:25).


When we are encouraged and appreciated, it give us the strength and motivation to keep reaching for our goals.

That's why God forgets our mistakes, not our good work, to encourage us to start again and achieve more greatness with Him.

We are continuously renewed to keep 'pressing on toward the goal to win the prize God has called us for.' (Phil 3:14)


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God never forgets your good work!