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God wants us to reach our full potential. He has given us many gifts and a great purpose for our lives.

He knows our potential, what we are capable of and what we can handle so he would never give us anything we cannot handle or make use of. He wants us to acknowledge our purpose and make use of it.

Matthew 25 tells the parable of the talents. When God gave each of servants their talents, he gave it to them 'each according to his ability.' (v.15). This means that he knew the capability, power and strength of each servant, what they could manage, tolerate and how they could make use of it.

One was given 5, another given 2 and another given 1. The servants given the most managed to expand and double theirs, but servant given just 1, didn't do anything with it because he didn't know what to do and was scared that he will lose it.


Now the servant who was given 5 talents wouldn't have been given 5 if he couldn't handle 5, just the same as the servant who was given 1. It doesn't mean that the more talents we have, the better. The focus isn't on the number of talents, but the usage of the talents. We shouldn't compare our gifts and talents to others but accept and make use of what we have been given.

We don't know the previous experiences of the servant given 5 talents, or what he had to go through. All we know is that he didn't moan or grumble, but went away and made use of what he was given.

The servant given 1 talent was entrusted with such a valuable gift. His 1 talent might have been unique to the others who had more. He had the opportunity to prove that he could make use of it and get more, but he didn't. He let his fear get the better of him.


God has entrusted us with so much. He has given us many talents, gifts, purpose, dominion and power. It's already in us. What we do with it is our choice.

The enemy knows all that God has given us and what we are capable of, but wants to stop us from reaching our full potential with God.

He will try to shake us up, and stir up doubt, fear of failure so that we will hide away and give up before we have even started, like the servant who hid his talent.

We cannot allow the enemy to shake us up or make think that we can't handle what God has given to us and hide them away.

If someone doesn't make use of their gift, it will stay hidden and buried in them. E.g. Someone wishes to sing, the more they sing and practice, the stronger their voice will get and the more their confidence grows. But if the person is scared to sing because they are worried they might lose their voice, then the gift isn't going to go anywhere or be put into use.

Why are we scared or shy? 'God didn't give us a spirit of timidity, but a spirit of power.' (2 Timothy 1:7)

When we know who we are in God and how much power he has given us, we will have the strength to stand firm and shake off the enemies lies so we can make use of our purpose and all the gifts God has given us.


Whatever our gifts are, whether it is in the ministry, in your community, teaching, motherhood, etc...

God wants us to make use of what he has given us. When he comes back, we won't be giving back the original gift, but the results of how we made use of it. God wants to see what we have done with it, how we used it for His glory.

And like the servants in the parable, we will be held accountable for how we used our gifts and abilities for God's glory.

We all want to hear that 'Well done' from God for being such 'good and faithful servants' (Matthew 25:21). It's a great honour to be recognised by God!

We have all been given such great gifts and God knows that we are capable of using them and expanding them.

We should faithfully use these gifts and abilities God has given us to complete the tasks he entrusted us with.

If we are unsure of our gifts, the purpose of it or how to use it, God offers his guidance and strength to give us the confidence to make the most of what we have been given. God tells us in Isaiah 41:10 - 'Do not be afraid, for I am with you... I will strengthen you and help you.'

We are not alone, and God will help us to stand strong and accomplish everything he set out for us, including making the most of our gifts.

Theres no failure with God, only success. It may not be immediate, but He promises that it will be the end result.


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Make use of your purpose - The gifts God has given you!