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We often go through many difficult situations, which are like storms, which can be very rough and difficult. If we aren't standing strong enough, the fierce winds that come with the storm can make us fall over and make it difficult for us to get back up. But if we have roots built in firmly on the ground, then it will help us to stand strong and handle the storm.


A tree has many roots under the ground. When a storm comes, it attacks the tree. The winds blow off the leaves and the branches and if the tree isn't strong enough, it can blow over.

But the tree's roots are always protected from harsh weather because they are established and built in firmly in the ground. So if bits of the tree fall off and are lost during a storm, they can always grow again, recover, start again, and be stronger than before.


We are like trees because we have strong roots which are built in firmly on God's solid ground. We are a 'Trees of righteousness, planting of the Lord - Isaiah 61:3

When our roots are established in God, we can stand strong and firm on the ground. So we can always pull through and get through strong storms.

Matthew 7:24-25 tells the story of the man who built his house on solid rock, and when the heavy storm came, the rain and wind came down on the house but it didn't fall over, it stood strong. This was because his foundation and roots were strong because it was established on solid ground.


When we grow with God and build our relationship with him, He strengthens our roots and our character. God is like the gardener who waters our roots to give us stability and strength. As we develop our relationship with God, we will grow deep spiritual roots so that we can be strong enough to handle any storm that comes our way.


When our roots are established firmly in God's solid Word, we will always be protected. So no matter what we go through or what comes our way, it will never destroy us. We may get struck down, but we will never be destroyed (1 Corinthians 4:9).

We will always be able to get through, recover and be stronger each time.



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Growing roots with God