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In our daily lives and activities, we can often go through setbacks and face disappointments.

It’s a common occurrence and it’s not a very pleasant feeling, i.e. Losing/not getting a job, failing an exam, going through a divorce/relationship breakdown, declining health, etc.

Such events can really bring us down and it can be difficult to maintain our faith, as a human response from these events is to sink into our emotions and feel victimised.

Sometimes people struggling may ask, "why is this happening to me?" or "why am I going through this?"

We may never get the answers as to why we are suffering, but it is important to remember that God genuinely has our best interest at heart and wants the best outcomes for us.

God's plans and intentions for our lives are for good and not for bad (Jeremiah 29:11).

However, because we will never understand God's ways, we can sometimes blame God for things we. may be going through.


Obstacles are inevitable, but God doesn't cause disruption in our lives and He doesn't lead us into traps or allow us to get buried under our burdens. Regardless of the route that He takes us on or what we pass through, God wants us to remember that He is still here by our side, He is still our friend, our comforter and will turn our situation around.

Setbacks aren't meant to slow us down, hold us back or stop us from progressing.

They are temporary moments and trials that we pass through and God promises that joy and rejoicing will come in the morning (Psalm 30:5).

This means that the night will pass, no matter how dark it may seem. God wants us to keep moving while He walks with us every step of the way.


We are tested to see how long we wallow and stay in that moment before finding the courage and strength to get up and continue.

God provides us with strength that we need. He is also our salvation when we are in distress - (Isaiah 33:20).

Even when we are feeling scared; God will deliver us from our fears - (Psalm 34:4).

God wants us to grow and develop perseverance, character and hope which are aftermath products of suffering. (Romans 5:4).

This means that we must go through it, however uneasy it may be and endure with God’s strength.

Perseverance is not an easy skill; however, it is needed to stay faithful. When we maintain our faith and persevere, we will receive God's promises - (Hebrews 10:36).

Perseverance coincides with efforts, it’s what keeps us motivated to keep getting up and trying again when we may not succeed the first time round or have to wait a long time to see results.


God doesn't want to see us struggle. God's eyes are on us and His ears are attentive to our cries - (Psalm 15)

We may go through many setbacks and trials in our lives, 'but the Lord delivers us from them all' - (Psalm 34:19).

No matter what may be burdening us, we can always stay strong in the grace that God gives us (2 Timothy 2:1).


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Going through setbacks -

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