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In today's modern age, the internet contains a huge amount of information and resources.

Popular resource websites such as Google and Wikipedia hold a vast amount of information for any search; whether it's related to academics, health, finances and many more.

We often turn to such resources for information as they are easily accessible and available at anytime and anywhere, even on our mobile phones. You can search for something on Google and get hundreds of results. However, not all of the information can be reliable. Therefore, you still need to make the final decision and choose the information source which you find reliable and can trust.


We struggle in life when we don't get assistance from reliable sources. If we receive misleading information regarding our finances, then we may find ourselves in debt. If we receive incorrect information regarding academic projects or work related activities then we may fall behind in tasks. It all depends on the sources where we get the information from, its credibility and reliability.


God has been a long-standing, reliable source for information, guidance, joy and strength. His sources are endless, timely and current. He is the helper for every situation in our lives. He helps us to get by in both our brightest and darkest days. He is always readily-available when we need Him. He also hears us wherever we are and He is never too far to save us (Isaiah 59:1).


Sometimes we like to do our own thing before seeking God's advice. However, we all need guidance in life which is why Jesus came down to earth to live amongst us and set an example of love. He has the perfect expertise on the ways of life and He will never lead us astray because He created us so that He could fulfil goodness in our lives (Jeremiah 29:11).


Making decisions requires taking a risk, but it is never a risk to trust God's expertise because He cannot lie or change His mind (Numbers 23:19).

God is waiting for us to call on Him and utilise His resources. In the same way we almost automatically turn to Google to get information, we should get into the habit of automatically looking to God for all that we need.

Looking to God as the answer and solution to everything in our lives is a good habit which will never let us down.



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