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As humans, we can often get bored very easily.

We can spend so much time looking for joy, fulfilment and excitement, but when we get it, we can easily tire, and begin to search for more or something new.

Think of a child who gets a toy which they instantly love. It will occupy all of their time for a while. However, they soon get bored of it. The toy that once brought them much joy soon is shoved into a corner, and then they move onto the next one, thinking that it will bring them more excitement.


We can also get bored of life easily. We are often searching for joy, peace and fulfilment, sometimes in the wrong places.

We can search for joy in sin, but it does not last long.

As humans, we are often unpredictable, one minute we feel fulfilled and excited and the next, sad and discouraged.

If we have the same daily routine, we can also find it boring and tedious, but God is always excited over us. He does not get bored of loving us or performing miracles for us daily.


Remember that God is the same, 'yesterday, today, forever' (Hebrews 13:8).

Since the beginning of the earth, God created mankind and worked for our benefit.

He always listens to our cries, takes on our burdens and provides for our needs. It is not a tedious routine for him.

His love for us is renewed daily. Therefore, every single day, God finds something to love about us. Every day, he finds something to do for us, so that we can feel his love and warmth. He quiets us with his love and delights in us - Zephaniah 3:17.


We were made perfect and beautiful in God's splendour (Ezekiel 16:14).

We are God's greatest creation, and he is so proud of us! We are not unlovable or worthless.

So, no matter what our current situation is, or how our lives may be going, just be encouraged with the fact that God sees our lives and every part of us, as precious.

We can always find something, everyday, to be excited about, so that we can enjoy our life, which is God's precious creation and gift.


God IS life, and he creates each day brand-new, equipped with His never-ending love, joy and peace.

God's love and splendour is renewed daily (Lamentations 3:22-23), so, we can never get bored of such a comforting fact.

As God eternally delights in us, we can always delight in him.

In turn, He provides us with true joy and everlasting fulfilment. There endless resources in God.



Esther ♥

God is never bored of providing us with endless love & fulfilment!