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1 Thessalonians 5:18 tells us to 'give thanks in all circumstances.'

We need to recognise and acknowledge every detail of God's work, be grateful and thankful for ALL things, even things we may perceive to be small.

God may do something for us and we may not realise that it was his work. Or we may tend to dismiss some things because we think that it was so small. But just like nothing is too big for God, remember that nothing is too small for God too.


Recently my dad told me about a time he was getting onto a bus, and then his card holder dropped under the bus and into a drain. People thought it was long gone, but when he checked, he saw that there was a wedge block so it didn't fall deep, so my dad was able to see it and pick it up, Now this card holder had his oyster card, bank and credit cards and money, and it was late so if it were lost, my dad would have been stranded. People around thought that it was just extreme luck. But to reclaim something that would have caused a huge loss is a miracle and God needs to be acknowledged and thanked.


We could perceive anything as luck or coincidence, but if we remember 1 Thes 5:18, where it says to give thanks in 'all circumstances.' This means giving thanks for everything, no matter how big or small it may be. If we rule things down to luck or coincidence, then who are we thanking? Who are we giving credit to? We are indirectly dismissing God's awesome work. If we say we believe that God can do majestic things, like part seas, move mountains and turn water into wine, then why don't we always recognise the work of God through the 'little' things that happen in our daily lives.

Sometimes when people think of miracles, they think of huge miraculous life-saving adventures. But God also does small miracles for us every single day, which we may not always notice. Whether its waking up in the morning, catching the train we were running late for or finding something we lost. We need to acknowledge the daily work of God in our lives and thank him for it. Remember that Jesus did many miracles, from turning water into wine and raising the dead. They are both miracles showing his work and neither is seen as more significant or insignificant than each other.


If we only pray for big things, we will only thank God when big things happen.

If we keep waiting for huge things to happen before we thank God, then we may not realise the little blessings we may be missing out on.

We need to pay attention to the small details, the little things which God pays attention to and what we may miss, But God doesn't miss anything.

God wants to be part of every single part of out lives and we need to let him in. Sometimes we may get into a habit of only praying for big interventions and we may feel silly asking for small things from God. But there is nothing too big or small for God to do. Just like Mary didn't feel silly asking Jesus to provide wine for a wedding they were at (John 2:1-11).


Remember that God works for our benefit and cares about what we care about. Even if we don't ask, God still does things for us because he know's everything about us and our words before we speak them. He intervenes in our lives in any shape or form and in every situation, whether its our family and relationships, our health or down to our daily commute to work. God's glory is shown in every single detail of our lives, we need to pay extra attention so that we don't miss it. He deserves to be acknowledged and thanked.

We should 'always give thanks to God for everything!' - Ephesians 5:20.


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Giving thanks for ALL things

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