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Very often, we can look at other people, examine their lives and admire what they have, such as their gifts, talents, careers, circumstances, etc.

It's very easy to get caught up focusing on what other people have and then perceive what they have to be greater or better than ours and make comparisons.

However, we need to remember that 'God has called and set us apart(Jeremiah 1:5).

God creatively made us all different, special and unique (1 Corinthians 4:7). We have each been given our own gifts from God, which are different from one another (1 Corinthians 7:7).

We need to value all our gifts from God, embrace all that God has given to us and celebrate our uniqueness.

God has given us different gifts for a reason, He wants us to utilise them, and use them well according to our abilities.

We gain confidence from God when we acknowledge the uniqueness of all that we have been given, which then allows our gifts to expand so that we can fulfil our purpose.


We are one of a kind, just like snowflakes. If you look at falling snow, you just see snowflakes, which look the same under the naked eye. However, there are no two snowflakes which are alike. When they are examined closely, they are unique and have different shapes and forms. We have been made unique and with different qualities. We are all equally special to God and no person is inferior or superior to the other. 

God doesn't show favouritism to any person (Acts 10:34). Instead, He takes delight in us (Psalm 149:4), celebrates our individuality and encourages us to reach our full purpose.


People often try to change themselves to suit other people's perceptions and criterias in order to be accepted.

This may be by changing their personality, suppressing their qualities or enhancing their appearance.

God does not want us to change nor does He require us to change. He knows everything about us and doesn't focus on our flaws. Instead, He takes us as we are and sees us as precious and honoured in His sight (Isaiah 43:4).

He made us fearfully and wonderfully and we are also a crown of splendour in His hand (Isaiah 62:3).

In other words, we are a perfection of God's handiwork and He wouldn't change a thing about us. He has no regrets in our formation and purpose for living. 

We need to see ourselves how God sees us. He doesn't see our flaws or blemishes, only His wonderful creation, His masterpiece!


So why do we try to change ourselves, doubt our unique abilities and compare ourselves to others?

We need to embrace all that we are in Christ. We are one of a kind and God wouldn't change us for the world.

Comparing our lives or our gifts to others only slows us down and distracts us from acknowledging our full potential and finding our purpose.


Often we limit ourselves and say things like, 'I'm a nobody,' or 'I'm not anything special,' 'I'm just this' or 'only that.'

God sees us as much more. We are His perfect plan and nobody can fill our place. God gave us our own purpose for us to explore, make the most out of and do great things with it. Instead of focusing on what others have, we need to focus on our own unique God-given gifts, enhance it and make it great. Nobody can fill our purpose but ourselves, with God's divine encouragement.



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Celebrating our differences,

Embracing our uniqueness!