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Very often, we can feel demotivated and need to be inspired or motivated to get on with things.

Some people like to get inspiration from a variety of sources, such as music, therapeutic activities or from friends and family depending on their task.

For example, many students tend to get demotivated very quickly when lumbered under countless assignments.

Or if we are stressed, struggling with things or going through difficult situations, we can easily lose motivation to get through.

In life we can easily lose motivation, feel unmoved and uninspired, which in turn, affects our behaviour, our moods and our state of mind. This can leave us idle, we can't get things done and this also slows down our progression.


God wants to inspire us everyday to help us in our daily lives and activities.

He is a timeless, reliable and dependable source. We can always get inspiration and motivation from Him for anything.

This could be to help us get moving with a particular task, start something new or bring into reality a dream or vision of ours.

God can also give us strength and motivation to rise up against any barriers or distractions that may be in our way.

God's resources are endless! So whenever we run out of resources or have tried every possible source and still feel demotivated, we can always draw to our Father, who is always at hand and can never let us down.


God also wants to inspire us to have pure hope and faith in Him, to remind us how big and mighty He is compared to any problem or challenge in our lives.

It's God's love and grace that is our ultimate inspiration, because it has no limits and it can never fail us.

God's unfailing love is priceless! (Psalm 36:7). So precious, that it was demonstrated through Christ's sacrifice; and this produced Grace. God's grace is sufficient enough for everything we need and it is made perfect in our weakness (2 Corinthians 12:9). This means that when we are down to our list might, feeling dull and demotivated, God comforts us with his love (Zephaniah 3:17) and provides us with His sufficient grace to give us strength and power to keep moving. This is a comforting fact!


We can also get comfort and inspiration from scripture, which is 'God-breathed' and inspired by Him (2 Timothy 3:16).

In the same way God inspired every word in His scripture, we can also be inspired to do amazing things with God and overcome challenges in life.

Why is God so keen to strengthen, inspire and motivate us? This is because He genuinely cares about us and everything going on in our lives. God cares about what we care about and He doesn't want us to stress or have any difficulties. He wants to take care of our worries and allows us to hand over our burdens and anxieties to Him to take care of (1 Peter 5:7).


So whenever we feel confused, demotivated or uninspired, we can always look to God for real and divine inspiration, because He will never run out of resources for us.



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