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The human brain is such a busy organ.

Our mind is constantly active, constantly racing, thinking and processing.

This is because our mind reflects our lives, which are often so busy, crammed and filled with so much activity.

How often in our day to day life are we just still? Even when we do stop for a moment, we tend to find a million and one thoughts in our head, from our to-do list or randomly remembering something we forgot to do, etc... Our minds constantly wander from one thing to another.


This is why some people may struggle to hear God. We can't hear Him over all bustle in our lives.

To hear God more clearly, we need to spend more time being still to do so. We need to stop everything once in a while and make space for him. Not just on a Sunday morning at church but also during our busy day to day schedules.

We tend to rush ahead of God with all our busy schedules and personal plans. But God should always be included in our schedules.

God deserves to be spared some moments during the day to be listened to.


In 1 Kings 19:11-12, Elijah took time out to wait on God's presence. He found that God wasn't in the loud powerful winds, earthquake or fire, but found that His voice was a 'gentle whisper'. With all the commotion, he could have missed it, but he took the time out to be still and wait on God in order to hear him, and he did.


Psalm 46:10 says to 'Be still and know that I am God.'

We need to find moments to just 'be' before God, not thinking or processing, but just being and fixing our eyes on the Lord (Hebrews 12.2).

Wherever we are, we should frequently take time out to stop our minds from wondering, 'search our hearts and be silent.' (Psalm 4:4)

We can welcome the presence of God, share with Him whats on our hearts and then 'patiently wait for Him.' (Psalm 37.7)


When we are still before God, will can feel, sense and hear Him.

We may not hear from Him immediately but if we remain focused on Him, we will start to hear the answers we need more clearly.

We will find that everything we were worried about or going through will come into place.

God will also refresh, renew us and strengthen us.


If we always made plans to sit silently before God each day, our lives could be alot more smoother and stress free.

We should cherish and always make time for some alone time with God.

We shouldn't set it like it's just an appointment, it should be as often as we can, because we can receive so much from Him.

When we do this, our strength develops also as our relationship with God grows.


Esther ♥

Be still & know I am God - Psalm 46:10