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Everyone likes to be encouraged every now and then. Especially when we put so much work and effort into something, we usually like to hear some uplifting words or encouragement so that we can keep working towards achieving more.


Someone once told me about a time when she got her first A grade in a school assignment, she rushed home to tell her parents. All she wanted was some recognition for her hard work and a 'well done.' However, rather than receiving praise, her dad told her that she should be getting A's anyway and should keep achieving it to better her life prospects and not to get praise. She was quite upset that she didn't get any praise. So throughout her time at school, she carried on working hard and getting high grades, each time expecting praise from her parents, but she never got it.

Although this is partly true, that a person must achieve and do well in everything they do for themselves and not for praise. However, a word of encouragement or appreciation makes an impact and also gives us a boost to keep going onwards and up.


God recognises that a word of encouragement can go a long way.

He also rewards our faithfulness, our work, efforts and willingness to serve Him.

Our work and efforts never go unnoticed (2 Chronicles 15:17).

When we have done well, God is extremely proud of us and wants us to know that he is, so that we can continue to do more.

He says to us, 'well done good and faithful servant!' (Matthew 25:23), to encourage us to keep pressing on.


When we feel like giving up, God comforts us and provides us with courage and strength to go on till the end.

If we ever feel confused, God brings clarity and puts us back on the right track.

When we're feeling down, God uplifts our spirits. He encourages us to persevere and get back on our feet.

God also wants us to know that we are working towards something.

None of our work and effort is in vain. Every act of faith and good work we have done is remembered by God and He rewards us for it.


Some people may have been crushed in the past by negative and discouraging words.

But God encourages all who have been discouraged (2 Corinthians 7:6).

God lifts us up and turns around every negative attribute and word of discouragement that was spoken against us. He inspires us and wants us to know that we can do so much with His power and strength. Remember, that 'with God, all things are possible!' (Matthew 19:26).

This encouragement is the truth! When we believe this, we can truly achieve everything we set out to do!

Knowing this comforting truth can also turn around our situation, no matter how dark or difficult it may be.


God encourages and motivates us everyday. He knows what we need and helps us to get through each day.

So whatever we are working towards, wherever we are, God is encouraging you today and will continue to do so.

His encouragement will help us to achieve our goals, our purpose and to complete our journey with Him.

Then whenever we endure and reach the finish line, God will look at our work and efforts and say, 'Well done!'


Esther ♥

God is encouraging you today!

Be encouraged!