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I have dedicated a whole page to the testimonies found on this website,

There are many testimonies on that site about people who encountered God, received His Spirit and experienced a glimpse of Heaven and Hell in order to share their experiences to help put our lives back in line with God.

Read this young girl's testimony. I hope you will have the strength to read and receive the message here and bring you back to Christ, your first love, and prepare for his coming.


Angelica Zambrano - The Kingdoms of Heaven & Hell and return of Christ:


Read her testimony here:


Many scriptures in the Bible tell us how real both Heaven and Hell is. God did not create Hell for us. It was not intended for humanity at all. It was created for Satan and his angels. Before the fall of Man, we were all predestined for Heaven, eternal life with God. But after the fall of man, we were given free will. Just as the angels of Heaven a third of them chose to follow Satan in rebelling against God, who are demons. That is who Hell was created for.


The Bible says that not everyone who calls, Lord, Lord will enter the Kingdom of heaven (Luke 6:46). God is more concerned with our walk with Him than anything else.

Many of us claim to be Christian but our lifestyles say otherwise. The enemy is happy but Christ is grieved. When we have a choice, why would we choose to serve the temporary materialistic world? Christ is coming soon and we all want him to be pleased with us and say, 'well done, good and faithful servant' (Matt 25:23), because we managed to withstand, resist desires of this world and do God's will. The bible says we are in the world, but not of it so we dont need to conform to the ungodly ways of the world (Romans 12:2). And from what we seen in the peoples testimonies on the Spiritlessons site, it didnt profit any well known or famous people to gain the world and yet they lost their souls (Matt 16:26). Why should we keep doing our old habits only to spend eternity lost and separated from God. Is it worth it? God has given us his spirit to be strong and resist the desires of our flesh and of the world. We need to come back to our first love, Christ and live right by him.


To inherit Christ's Kingdom, we need to believe and confess that Jesus Christ is our Lord and saviour. The only way to overcome is with Christs blood, which he already shed for us on the cross. We must believe in it and testify for him (Revelation 12:11). We must actively acknowledge and accept Christ and testify His name.

Be blessed.


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