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Throughout our lives, we all go through various challenges, situations and experiences. As the days and years pass, they turn into memories. Some memories will be better than others, whilst some may be painful, however they all form a part of our history and experience.

Sometimes we look back on experiences as reflection, to appreciate and learn from it or to compare to our current situation to see how far we have come. Sometimes we share our past experiences with others to support with growth and development. However there is a difference between reflecting back and directly looking back in an attempt to remain in the past or to return there.


In Genesis 19, Lot and his family were asked to leave the town which was being destroyed. They were commanded to 'flee, don't look back and don't stop' (Genesis 19:17). However Lot's wife stopped to look back and then became a 'pillar of salt' (Genesis 19:26).


Sometimes God removes us from situations to move us forward so that we can progress to the next level. God can also take us out of situations because He knows that we need to move on from there, but various feelings, emotions and ties can hold us back, and He knows that we won't move unless circumstances force us to.

Sometimes curiosity can get the better of us and we can get stuck in the past wondering what may have happened if we did something differently or if we took a different path.

In the moments that we think of alternative scenarios that could have happened in the past, we become stagnate and this takes precious time out of our present and future situation. By remaining stagnate or looking back, we become stuck, like a pillar of our own past and this prevents us from emotionally and spiritually moving forward to the great future that God has for us.


Whether we like it or not, we have to leave 2017 and enter into 2018. There are no arguments or negotiations around this because we are entering into a new year and new season.

If you are re-playing or re-living moments that happened in 2017 or even in years prior to that, God wants you to know that there is better ahead and that it is safe to cross over.

No matter how your year may have been, don't turn around and don't look back, unless you are measuring how far you have come.

Keep moving forward because what God has for you is better than anything you left behind.

What may have left is not the best you could have had nor all that God has for you. God's promises are true and we will never miss the best thing that He has for us.

Whatever we have lost, God will replace with greater because He who promised is faithful (Hebrews 10:23).


There is nothing that is impossible for God (Luke 1:37). He is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us (Ephesians 3:20). This means that He can supernaturally conceive something great beyond what we can even imagine.

Our greater and better days are ahead of us and not behind us.

A new season is approaching. Don't give up, but keep pressing on.

I pray that 2018 will be a great year of divine blessings and breakthrough!


Happy New Year! :)


Esther ♥

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Don't Look Back

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